Fort Rucker releases General Order 8 after two-week holiday block leave

Published: Jan. 4, 2021 at 4:41 PM CST
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - As we all return to work after the holidays, Fort Rucker has released a new order to keep their men and women and families safe during COVID-19 as the number of cases continue to rise.

This is part of their three phase holiday block level plan. After a two-week holiday block leave soldiers are returning to Fort Rucker to continue their training and to maintain their safety bubble, Fort Rucker has released General Order number 8.

“First Fort Rucker will go to HPCON Charlie. Second no one will be authorized visitors outside a 150-mile radius without an accept of policy. Third all will be prohibited from going to gym fitness centers bowling ally’s movie theaters and restaurants both on and off post with the exception of take out,” said General David Francis – Commanding General of Fort Rucker.

Tattoo parlors and bars are still prohibited as well.

Along with their return, those who traveled outside of 150 miles will be placed on a restriction of movement. This will take place January 4th through January 15th. This will lead some to telework if needed.

“Depending on their respectful course of instruction all military students will follow specific guidance from their chain of command,” said Command Sergeant Major James Wilson – Branch Command Sergeant Major.

Ellis D Parker Elementary school will also see a change in operations with general order number 8.

“Transition in HPCON Charlie also means that our DODEA school will conduct classes remotely until 15 January,” said Wilson.

These rules have been set with COVID-19 in mind. and to make sure that Fort Rucker remains safe during this time.

“These restriction on certain activities and locations are vital in preserving the health of our soldier’s civilians and family members and to careful reestablish our central Fort Rucker mission,” said Wilson.

General Order 8 was put into place January 3rd as phase two.

Phase three will be evaluated over time by examining COVID-19 conditions not only on Fort Rucker but the surrounding community. Once it is felt safe General Order 9 will be released with more liberal guidelines.

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