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WTVY News 4

For the latest news, weather, sports and more no matter where you are download the WTVY News 4 app.

• Be the first to know. Get breaking news alerts sent directly to your device.

• Watch all WTVY Newscasts live! Missed a show? Don’t worry! You can replay the most recent newscast between shows.

• From breaking news to beautiful Wiregrass sunsets, share your favorite photos with our newsroom. They may even be featured on-air, our social media sites, or on!

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WTVY News 4

Stay ahead of the storm with the WTVY 4 WARN Weather Team app.

• Get up-to-the-second lightning and severe weather alerts sent directly to your device.

• Track conditions up to your doorstep. Live local radar with customizable conditions and overlays.

• Video forecasts, hour by hour, and 10-day outlook updated daily by the 4WARN Storm Team.

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