Hurricane Michael impacts Jackson County real estate market

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Mar. 28, 2019 at 5:49 PM CDT
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The impact of Hurricane Michael continues to be felt in Jackson County and that's both good and bad news for the area.

It's good for those wanting to sell homes they are cashing in, but, those looking for somewhere to live are struggling with a bad situation. WTVY News spoke with people who have lived in Marianna for decades and all of them said one thing. They settled down there for the southern charm. But after the storm, it just isn't the same.

"It was a shock when I came in," said Charles King.

King raised a family in this home for thirty years and has rented out the property for ten. Now he spends his days working on rebuilding what was lost after Hurricane Michael.

"With me doing a whole lot of work here - 20 to 30 thousand dollars," said King.

That's some of the cost for King to stay in Marianna, a town he says once was filled with trees and southern charm.

"When you look out your window you don't see that anymore," said King.

And Jane Gonya couldn't agree more -

"It's depressing when you get up and go for a walk and go listen to the birds now when I go walk every house has something wrong with it," said Gonya.

But unlike King, Gonya repaired her home and quickly put it up for sale.

She moved to Marianna for that same charm that King mentioned, but with family in Ohio she says there's nothing left for her here.

"I just don't feel like we are a community like we used to be," said Gonya.

Thankfully - for Gonya the real estate market is on the rise in Jackson county.

"This area got a lot of attention and they want to move here," said Kathy Milton, Chipola Realty.

Kathy Milton says supply and demand has pushed Hurricane Michael victims to Marianna in search for home and for sellers the prices have gone up because of the shortage of move-in ready homes.

Milton also says investors are coming into the area to buy homes, fix them up to resale them.

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