High school athletes train over Zoom using creative strategies

(Source: WBRC)
(Source: WBRC)(WTVY News 4)
Published: May. 19, 2020 at 1:14 PM CDT
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There are even fewer excuses not to work out after you hear about what these high school kids thought of.

No two-a-days, no formal weight rooms, no spring training. Not quite. Athletic trainers put the Hoover Bucs through the ringer - through their computers.

“Hoover Football, I was already in the middle of training, and so with them and Hoover Baseball, we said hey, we are doing the Zoom with adults, let’s do this with the athletes,” said Lance Rhodes, Godspeed owner and athletic trainer.

But the playing field wasn’t level for the players at home.

“We coded everything gold, blue, or black - gold meaning you’ve got a full gym, blue meaning you had a couple items like a dumbbell or a kettle bell,” said Rhodes.

And black - that meant you had only what you could work with like shovels, tree branches, and brooms.

“If they had a deck, they were hanging from the stairs of the deck. If they had trees, they were hanging from trees,” laughed Rhodes.

Using their resources to get a workout, and a sense of routine.

“They were on as a unified group and felt like a part of it, they were all on there and I would be calling their names out, it felt as close as how it could to being on site,” said Rhodes.

Spring training may be over, but the players have a list of workouts they can still do to keep it up.

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