Fundamentals of Modern Maintenance

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 6:05 PM CDT
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School may be out for the summer, but some high school students are using the time off to get a jump on their futures.

Tuesday begins the 2nd annual “Fundamentals of Modern Maintenance” program.

It’s a partnership between Wallace Community College and Michelin Tire Manufacturing, which exposes students to careers in Industrial Systems Technology and Industrial Maintenance.

The 3-day summer intensive offers hands-on training in hydraulics and pneumatics.

Wallace College’s Director of Workforce Development, Joe Johnson, said it’s a unique opportunity for students who are genuinely interested in the maintenance field.

“For us, it enables us to get hands on with those students, and really show and explain what the careers are about, where maybe the name of the program may not really describe it that well,” Johnson said.

The students had to submit applications and letters of recommendation to be considered for the program.

Many of the students go on to enroll in the Industrial Systems program at Wallace College, which allows them to get dual credit hours for high school and college.