Dothan City Schools celebrate career and technical education

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- The Dothan Technology Center is one of many career tech schools celebrating Career and Technical Education Month.

Students in the program are getting hands-on experience that could soon help them land their first job.

“When I first came in this class I didn't know how to drive a nail or that there were different types of hammers,” says building construction student Brendyn Reynolds.

Brendyn, like other high school students, was unfamiliar with the construction world.

“Kids nowadays don't go out and build treehouses when they are young or anything else like that to learn the basics,” says building construction instructor Bob Griggs.

The Dothan Technology Center's building construction program is changing that.

“Ever since I’ve been in this program I know that there are different concepts to building different things and plenty of safety that comes with it,” says Reynolds.

“They have learned to layout walls, to build walls to layout floor systems, and how to lay out a foundation and how to do the roof,” says Griggs.

Students who go through the nine module course can earn construction certifications that can help them after graduation and for some that's the plan.

“They can get a job with a framer. We touch on plumbing. We touch on electrical, so they could get an apprenticeship and then go on and get their state certification,” says Griggs.

The program was established to do more than just introduce students to a trade.

“There is a lot of demand for folks in the building industry, so there was an opportunity there to start a program that benefit our students and in the short term and in the long term benefit our workforce as our students graduate, says Dothan City School Career Tech Education Director Chris Duke.

With material donations from partnering companies, construction students built a tiny house, a desk at the main entrance of Dothan High, and a new softball press box.

The Dothan Technology Center offers 17 career and technical programs.

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