City of Geneva mourns loss of three teenagers with memorial and black bows

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) - The City Of Geneva continues to mourn the loss of three teenagers who died in a car accident on Christmas night.

Geneva cheerleading squad honors teens killed in car accident with black bows at Dothan Hoops Classic.

Friday night, the school participated in its first event since the tragedy.

The boys’ basketball team took the court in the Dothan Hoops Classic.

While people were likely thinking about the girls there, they certainly are thinking about them in Geneva too.

Westville Avenue in Geneva is usually a hardly-used road, but ever since a car accident took the lives of Cassidy Dunn, Emilee Fain and Addyson Martin, it has been full of people wanting to pay their respects and see where the tragedy occurred.

"When something like this comes along, it affects all of us," said Cathryn Jones, who lives in Geneva.

Cathryn Jones was shocked when she heard the news about the three Geneva high schoolers.

During the football season, she would sit with Cassidy’s grandmother and watch Cassidy cheer.

"I see Cassidy doing a little dance, and I'd say, ‘Ms. Maibe, look at Cassidy’,” said Jones. “She is really into that. All of them, they enjoyed life."

Cathryn isn't the only one thinking of the girls right now.

People have placed flowers at the spot of the crash.

They've also placed a black bow at Geneva High School.

"It's devastating to the whole community that these young people died so young," said Jones.

The Geneva Panthers cheerleading squad did not attend the Dothan Hoops Classic game.

Three black bows were placed on the reserved cheerleading seats in memory of the girls.

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