‘Holly’ will change the way you order fast food

Verizon reports texting service repaired after East Coast outage

Digitail allows users to wag and swish their animatronic tails

FedEx joins Amazon in delivery robot fray

Momo Challenge breaks the internet raising concerns for parents

St. Louis man sells VCR on eBay, receives heartfelt ‘thank you’ letter from buyer

Samsung's foldable phone will cost nearly $2000

Man discovers 30-year-old Apple computer still working

Airbus plane looks like a whale

Where's my robot lawn mower? Roomba-maker now has an answer

Robot valets may soon park vehicles at London's Gatwick airprot

Boeing's autonomous air taxi completes 1st flight

Facebook ending standalone "Moments" app

Company to develop first luxury space hotel

Amazon testing delivery robots in Seattle

Security concerns over #10YearChallenge

Grocery chain using robot assistants in all its stores

Console blends digital video games with traditional board games

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