Don't be scared: Skull-shaped asteroid will not fly by Earth this Halloween

Photos from Japanese space rovers show asteroid is ... rocky

Ivanka Trump tours NASA center in Houston, calls space crew

Japan space rovers lowered to asteroid to collect data

1st private moon flight passenger to invite creative guests

SpaceX to announce next week private tourist who will fly to the moon

Pluto should become a planet again, say some scientists

NASA spacecraft rockets toward sun for closest look yet

49th Anniversary of first manned moon landing

Jupiter's moon count reaches 79, including tiny 'oddball'

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches supply craft to International Space Station

Japan space explorer arrives on asteroid to retrieve samples

Spacewalking astronauts set up TVs for arriving ships

New Mars discoveries advance case for possible life

Trio of astronauts blast off to international space station

SpaceX rocket launches communication satellite into orbit

Neutron star found outside the Milky Way Galaxy

Russian space capsule with 3 crew lands in Kazakhstan

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