China has broadcast pictures taken by its rover and lander on the moon's far side

Planet outside our solar system could support life

SpaceX test flight could come in 2019

Chinese spacecraft makes first landing on moon's far side

Icy object past Pluto looks like reddish snowman

3 astronauts return from International Space Station

Unique sight over California skies likely a meteor, says Weather Service

Saturn is losing its rings quicker than expected, NASA warns

Farout: Scientists spot solar system's farthest known object

Nanosatellites mission launches from New Zealand

NASA's Juno probe returns spectacular image of Jupiter

Tourism rocket ship reaches space on test flight

Russian spacewalk to inspect Soyuz takes place at Space Station

NASA's Voyager 2 becomes 2nd craft in interstellar space

SpaceX launches 64 small satellites, sticks booster landing

3 astronauts blast off to International Space Station

Mars touchdown: NASA spacecraft survives supersonic plunge

Anxiety abounds at NASA as Mars landing day arrives

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