Scam Alert

Columbus woman shares story of being scammed out of $1K+

Phone scammer pretending to be Jackson County Sheriff's official

Scammers work harder during tax time

Inspector General warns public about new twist to Social Security phone scams

Scammers pose as United Way representatives

Phone scam threatening people with outstanding warrants

Alabama woman warns about cancer screening scam

Alabama Attorney General’s Office warning of car warranty scams

Top Alabama scams: What you need to know

FCC issuing warnings about the one ring phone scam

Scammers impersonating law enforcement officials, asking for money

With tax season comes tax scams

Realtors warn public about local property scammers

Don't fall for the Grandparent Scam

Scammer pretending to be local sheriff's deputy

Phone scam reported in Washington County

BBB warns against Secret Sister gift exchange

FTC warns of gift card scams ahead of holiday season

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