Chick-Fil-A testing out spicy new items

Pizza vending machine on Ohio State University campus

Taco Bell testing out vegetarian menu

McDonald’s offers new deal for bacon lovers later this month

Report: America has massive cheese surplus

Pizza Hut 50% off menu price sale

Business Insider: McDonald's to introduce doughnut sticks

Girl scout cookie season is here

Blue Bell releases 'Mardi Gras King Cake' ice cream

Police "mourn" loss of Krispy Kreme donuts

Pedialyte courting the adult market with hangover relief

Popeye's offering flyers 'emotional support chicken'

Chick-Fil-A set to become America's third largest fast food chain

Order Burger King near McDonald's, get Whopper for a Penny

Tons of holiday leftovers fed to 4,000 pigs at North Las Vegas farm

Krispy Kreme unveils holiday doughnuts

Taco Bell testing new dish -- Tripleupa

Frosty and fry discounts at Wendy's

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