Buddy Check 4

Buddy Check 4 - Thyroid Cancer

Buddy Check 4 - Ovarian Cancer

Wiregrass nurses explain breast feeding benefits

SAMC Doctor explains easiest ways to avoid skin cancer

SAMC RN explains Hepatitis forms, symptoms, and treatments

Registration open for FREE SAMC diabetes prevention program

Buddy Check 4: Men's Health

Wiregrass husband and wife discuss their cancer battles

Enterprise Pediatrician discusses sickle cell traits

SAMC Neurosurgeon explains brain tumor symptoms

Buddy Check 4: Testicular Cancer Awareness

SAMC Otolaryngologist explains symptoms of oral head and neck cancer

SAMC surgeon discusses preventable cancer causes in minorities

Buddy Check 4: Colorectal Cancer causes and treatment

SAMC dietician explains link between poor diet and cancer

SAMC enrolling patients for diabetes program

Buddy Check 4: Cancer Prevention Month

SAMC Cardiologist explains most common type of heart disease

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