Workers stuck out in the cold

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) -- It's not just the roads that are proving to be dangerous for people who have been out today.

A few people bundled up so they could get out and do their jobs in the cold.

For construction workers in east Dothan - it's just another day at work.

With many of the region's schools off, and Alabama under a State of Emergency, there are still plenty of people working out in the freezing temperatures.

Corey Hudspeth tells us for the sake of his customers, he can't afford to take a day off.

He says "Just because it's freezing and snowing outside doesn't mean we can stop what we're doing and stay at the know, how would we want our families treated and if it's cold outside, and its freezing and my heat's not working, I would want someone out here to fix it."

Robert Nay is part of a crew working on two houses, made even tougher in these conditions when the job is more than 12 feet off of the ground.

Nay said "It takes a lot of focus and concentration, especially up on the roofs and whatnot, because it's icy and slippery and we just gotta be extra careful and watch each other."

No matter the temperatures, Hudspeth says it's all in the mind, "You just gotta have that type of mentality in this type of work, every day, whether it's below freezing or whether it's 120 degrees outside."

While these guys had to work. many schools took a snow day.
A lot of schools are choosing to close again Thursday.