Wiregrass law enforcement work to prevent drug trafficking

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HENRY CO., Ala. (WTVY) - It's a busy route northbound for people in the Wiregrass heading through Georgia.
And southbound, it's known as a connector.. for pushers.. of pills and traditional street drugs.

At the peak of this year's Spring Break season, students and families from all over are traveling for fun in the sun. But for some, that's not all they're after.

SGT. Eric Blankenship of the Henry County Sheriff's Office says,
"431 is a major drug corridor coming from Atlanta to the panhandle of Florida, Panama City.. a lot of the places down there."

Monday night, Eufala Police arrested a driver coming from Griffin, Georgia.The driver was charged with drug trafficking, drug possession and carrying a pistol without a permit.

Unfortunately, this traffic stop is one of many expected this Spring Break season, however officers are working diligently to prevent as much trafficking as possible.

"We have officers that are trained and interdiction and we do put them on the major highways so they can look for the indicators..
So that we can make traffic stops and try to get the drugs you know..
We might not win the war but we ain't gone lose it either, so." -- William Maddox, Henry County Sheriff