Wiregrass employers looking to hire

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- The City of Dothan is accepting applications now through February 14th.

If you check your local paper or recruiting sites, new job opportunities are listed every day.

For instance, in Monday's newspaper was a chance to work in government.

City of Dothan Aquatics Manager Kelly Carter says, "It is quite a few.. throughout the department we are talking about all the different recreation centers.. pools, summer camps.."

Carter says they are in dire need of recreation aides.

"They are out and about through the parks just keeping things clean and trimmed and all that."

Plenty of work in labor jobs like welding, to office receptionists, auto technicians, servers and retail workers.

Dothan's newest retailer "HomeGoods" just finished its hiring events.

Operations Asst. Store Manager Kiersten Nowicki says, "We had about 250 people apply out of those we interviewed about 200 of them and then we accepted about 70 people to bring on for orientation."

If you don't have a lot of experience, there are entry level positions open as well.. but no matter what, every employer is looking for consistency.

"We expect people to come to work on time and when they are at work, doing consistent work and not messing around. Leadership is always good and previous experience.. and good references honestly is always good.. we look for people who can vouch for you and let us know that you are a reliable, responsible worker."

To see local job listings you can visit http://southeastalabamaworks.com/.