Wiregrass church holds park and pray at local hospitals

Car with signs supprting health care workers during Wiregrass Church's park and pray.

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- One Dothan church organized a community park and pray for the healthcare workers on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

There’s no doubt that healthcare workers hold other people’s lives in their hands every day.

Now their own lives are at stake everyday as they care for patients infected with covid-19.

So the Wiregrass Church in Dothan organized a park and pray hospitals in town.

Lead Pastor, Adam Roberson said “we just wanted to show our support and that we’re for them.”

Roberson knows that during these trying times in our life, those on the front line need our support now more than ever.

“The stress level at the hospital is extremely high, some even said it’s at its peak, and we just wanted them to know that we’re for them,” Roberson said.

The idea for the park and pray was posted on Facebook and shared over 700 times.

Even those who showed up had no idea the turnout would be so big.

Michelle Knight said “to see everybody out here, to see all the cars, you’ve some people with crosses holding them up, it’s touching. It lets you know that we are together; we can be one in the midst of a crisis.”

Going into work, risking infection everyday can be challenging.

But seeing all of the support from the community had the staff at southeast health blown away.

Registered Nurse, Daniel Holder says “when you walk in this place you do have a sense of being a little scared every day you walk in. But knowing that when you come out here and you see something like this, and know that we have prayer warriors out here thinking about us, it lifts up our spirits, it gives us a sense of hope.”

Much like those on the front line, the communal support does not go unnoticed from the inside.

“We’re just thankful for everybody out here that is thinking about us and supporting us and what we’re doing, and hopefully we can all fight through this and get through it,” Holder said.

During these hard times, even a park and pray can remind us that we’re all fighting the same fight.

Linicia Glasgow says “that lets you know that there’s love in Dothan, Alabama and we love our nurses. We love everybody that’s on the front line, even the families we love the families, you know we’re praying, my prayers are with them.”

A second park and pray organized by wiregrass church also took place Monday evening at flowers hospital as well.