Wiregrass Toys for Tots at risk of closing

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The future is at risk for Wiregrass Toys for Tots.

Since 2006, the Wiregrass Marine Corps League has been operating the Toys for Tots program serving 5 counties in the Wiregrass.

Unfortunately, the members are getting older and finding it harder to get around. They have decided it is time to pass the reigns to the sleigh.

Both Toys for Tots and Wiregrass 2-1-1 are coming together to ask for the community's help.

Mike Walton, Coordinator for Toys For Tots says:
"If we don't have somebody step up we do have to close it down, which is something I really don't wanna have to do. That's why we are reaching out to the community to find a group that recycles themselves.. has new members coming in.. Youthful members that can keep on going."

Although they are hoping someone younger will step up and work with the Marine Corps League.. the doors are also open for another organization, club or church group.

Anyone interested in volunteering or taking over the charity, should contact the Wiregrass Marine Corps League Detachment.