Wifi on school buses shows positive impact for Eufaula City Schools

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EUFAULA, Ala. (WTVY) - One local school district takes staying connected to a new level. Eufaula City School’s put Wi-Fi in buses about a month.

That's great news for Rachel Johnson and Marquise Jones, seniors at Eufaula High School. They're members of the school’s basketball teams and do a lot of traveling to games and have a lot of down time.

"Traveling to games after school, we have time to do homework. The Wi-Fi provides access to the internet and I can watch games before we play,” said Johnson. "It’s hard, it's not easy trying to stay on top of your grades while stay winning on the court."

Rather than just twiddling their thumbs or scrolling through social media, they can now connect to a Wi-Fi on their Chrome books and get homework done before tip-off. Especially on some trips that are as long as 4 hours.

Transportation Supervisor Andy Hinton says, so far, it's working out great.

"We’re going to have a management system connected to the software, that way we can control what the students go on and block certain things,” said Hinton.

He also says it helps with discipline on all bus routes.
"Students who are loud or getting up out of their seats, that type of behavior doesn’t go down when there is a device in their hand.”

Even Joel Washington, who has been riding buses for Eufaula City Schools for 24 years is impressed with the change.
"It's very useful because of the time and age we are in now. Back then, when we didn’t have access to getting on phones like that, it's something that we need in the future coming."

The school system has 11 bus routes and plans to have all of them Wi-Fi equipped this school year.

Hinton says they're looking for substitute bus drivers. If you are interested, call (334) 687-1155.