Wicksburg Vol. Fire Dept. expanding to better serve the community

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WICKSBURG, Al. (WTVY) If you live in or around Wicksburg you'll soon have another blanket of protection when it comes to fire safety because the volunteer fire department is improving its ability to cover the area and, the people who help fight fires, couldn't be more excited.

Wanda Andress has served on the Wicksburg Volunteer Fire Department for 30 years.

She says, "I love it, I can't imagine doing anything else, I joined when I graduated high school."

Now, she's the department's chief, with a department that's expanding.

The current building on Judge Logue Road was built 75 years ago but with 50 volunteers, she says they have out grown it.

So, they're building a new fire station on Highway 84, to split the responsibilities.

They got approval for a USDA loan, getting over $500,000.

One truck and ambulance will be at the current station, and the same will be at the new one.

Wanda says,
"We are just cutting down on our response time and have our assets spread out over our coverage area."

The volunteer firefighters serve from the Dothan City limits all the way to the Dale County line.

Houston County EMA director Chris Judah oversees all volunteer fire departments in the county.

He says, "When the call comes in, you have to be ready."

Wanda says, "How do you say it without sounding like you have an ego, but I mean, you get to help people when they need it the most."

And Wanda says, this way they can help the community even better.

They hope to have the new station up and running by December.

Wicksburg is always looking for volunteers as well so if you want to help, contact Houston County EMA.