What you need to know if the E-911 system is down

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Area 9-1-1 operations were down twice in less than a week, but officials say not to panic and always have a back-up plan.

In the month of November, the Dothan-Houston County E-911 services answered around 4,500 wireless calls. But what do they do in cases of an emergency when the system is down?

"It’s nothing that we can do on the local side, other than just get the word out,” said 911 director Holly Britain.

“Its technology and it's liable to fail. When it does, we need an alternate route for emergency services.”

And what is that alternate route?

"In the event that they can't reach anyone on 911, they should call on the non-emergency lines."

Make sure you have the administrative lines for emergency agencies in the house and in your phone.

Britain believes there were no emergency calls missed because people were directed to those lines. If you are unsure which lines to contact in your city or county, there is a list below to keep you and your family safe.

Dothan Police – 334-793-0215
Houston County Sheriff’s Office – 334-677-4808
Enterprise Police – 334-347-2222
Covington County 911 – 334-427-4911
Abbeville Police – 334-585-2222
Headland Police – 334-693-2222
Crenshaw County 911 – 334-335-4485
Ozark/Dale County 911 – 334-774-5111
Elba Police – 334-897-2555
Geneva County 911 – 334-684-6947