What to do with your eclipse glasses now

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(WSAV / NBC News Channel) -- Call them the hottest fashion accessory of 2017 -- solar eclipse glasses.

Of course, that is, if you got your hands on a pair.

They certainly set many of us up for a safer, more visible experience --if the weather cooperated for you.

There are several options for what you can do with these guys -- now that the eclipse is over.

Now that things are back to normal, both on earth and in the cosmos, those glasses are now up for grabs again.

With hundreds and hundreds of pairs now looking for an afterlife, you have a few options to consider, you can trash them but there is another alternative to consider.

Keeping your glasses for a scrapbook or keepsake box is another option but so is donating them. Check and see if your local school could use them for science classes. One organization, Astronauts Without Borders, is getting ready to launch a program to collect them and redistribute them to people in other countries for their future eclipses.

Should you plan to keep them, You're in luck! The next total solar eclipse is set for April 8th, 2024.

But be sure to check your pair for an expiration date, so your peepers can be ready when history decides to strike again.