What is Palm Sunday? Five things to love about the first day of Holy Week

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(WTVY) Holy Week begins this morning with the observance of Palm Sunday, when Christians carry palm branches to recall the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before his crucifixion.

Here are five things to love about Palm Sunday:
The Palms
Commemorating Palm Sunday with palm branches goes back to the early Christian church. It remains a favorite among parishioners, who are handed palm branches as they enter the church at many services.
Palms were a symbol of royalty and nobility in Jesus' day. Those welcoming him to Jerusalem expected a messiah who might overthrow the Romans. The palm is a symbol of the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem just before his crucifixion, as crowds waved palm branches, sang ''Hosannah,'' and covered his path with the branches.
Jesus was later crucified by the Romans with crowds shouting approval, according to Gospel accounts.

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