‘What do y’all not understand?’: Miss. nurse makes emotional plea

‘What do y’all not understand?’: Miss. nurse makes an emotional plea for everyone to stay indoors (Source: Facebook/Leann Donaho)
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -- A Mississippi nurse’s video pleading for everyone to stay indoors during the coronavirus pandemic has gone viral.

In the video, which has garnered almost 4,000 likes and has been viewed 150,000 times, RN Leann Donaho begs for people to stay home, “so we can curve this.”

“There are not enough ventilators for everyone,” she says. “People are gonna die... What do y’all not realize?"

She goes on to ask, “What is so important that y’all have to be out and about in public? Stay with your families in your homes. Protect them.”

This as a video of a packed beach in Florida earlier this week drew many to criticize the beach-goers for not taking social distancing seriously.

The White House has now said that people should stay away from any group bigger than 10.

“Please, I am begging you,” Donaho says, getting emotional. “There should be no reason why we should be asking people to sew masks and make us gowns.”

“We are risking our lives to save yours and you do not care," she continues. “We have families too! What do y’all not understand? I am begging you, as a nurse, to please stay home and take this seriously.”

Donaho told WLBT that she made the video in “a moment of fear.”

She says she has dedicated her life to caring for others and she “is just asking for the same consideration.”

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