Weather sirens working properly in Houston County

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) Weather sirens are once again working properly in Houston County.

This, after the sirens in Dothan went off Sunday night when there was no severe weather.

EMA Director Chris Judah says some water got in the computer part of the sirens causing them to go off.

It happened around 7 o'clock Sunday night.

Of the 90 sirens in Houston County, only the few inside Dothan city limits sounded.

Judah says you should only hear the sirens if there's severe weather in the area, or if they're being tested.

He says,
"We do a silent test every week to make sure they are working and we do a sound test every other month, so we are always doing everything we can to make sure they are working properly.

The sirens were going off for around 30 minutes, Judah says they had to go around and turn each one off manually.

EMA and the Dothan Fire Department worked to turn the sirens off.