Waitress in North Carolina gets $10,000 tip

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Greenville, NC (WNCT / CBS Newspath) -- What would you do with $10-thousand dollars?!

That’s what the folks at Sup Dogs are trying to figure out right now.

Someone came in, ordered two waters, left a $10-thousand dollar tip and left on Saturday.

Needless to say, the waitress was shocked.

"Good people are still doing good things these days so I thought it was pretty cool.” said owner Bret Oliverio, “I’ve seen some really big tips but not $10,000 this was put of the blue, once in a lifetime, it’ll never happen again in my lifetime"

They found out later a man named Mr. Beast on YouTube is who did it.

The waitress did keep a good chuck of the cash and the rest was split among the rest of the staff.