Vivian B. Adams has a new classmate that will be teaching the students.

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) -- A new classmate will be in attendance with students at Vivian B. Adams School.

It's a robot that will focus first on autistic students.

This robot's name is Milo.

He's very realistic and will be able to see and sense things that regular teachers may not.

"My name is Milo and I am the content platform of the future," said Milo.

How Milo can interact with the students is invaluable.

"His claim to fame is his ability to help children and adults with social skills to pick up on social and nonverbal cues," said Resource and professional development coordinator at Vivian B. Adams Susan Owens.

That's unique because as humans we can lose our patience trying to identify those cues.

"He's supposed to be really good with especially autistic children. He doesn't get tired. He doesn't get frustrated. He can do facial recognition so he understands if the child or the student is getting frustrated," said Joey Adams a paraprofessional at Vivian B. Adams.

Humans can get caught up in a routine, but Milo is different.

"He's an attention-getter and what happens with all of us is we work with the same people every day and after a while, I don't think that we cue into them as regularly as we will to something new," said Owens

Focusing on individual tasks and people is another trait he has.

"As a teacher, we may be working with one and we see someone over here doing something and it takes us away, but Milo will be able to concentrate on the one he is working with," said Adams.

Milo says he's not just a ten-minute toy.
"I am a lifetime companion."

He was made possible after a $5,000 grant from Century Link and was created by RoboKind.

Milo is already doing his homework so he'll be ready to work with students when they start back to school.