Violent trend hits the Wiregrass, school leaders taking action

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BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) -- It's a new trend going around the country and its hit the Wiregrass, friends at Early County Middle School are challenging each other to fight, videoing it, then posting to social media.

Photo by Barton Bill

Superintendent Dr. Ragan-Martin says it's a problem administrators are taking seriously.

In the past month, they've sent a handful of students home because the county doesn't want to take chances that someone will get hurt but the Early County School System has always embraced technology,

She says,
"We have a lot of technology in the school, we have chrome books, computer labs, smart boards because that is how kids learn these days, it seems like kids are born with a device in their hands."

But this year, no cell phones at the middle school.

And Dr. Ragan-Martin says across the street over at the high school, someone did get in trouble for passing around an inappropriate video cell phones have been discouraged at Early County High School this year.

Students cans still bring their personal tablets and laptops.