Underwear-clad man falls through Waffle House ceiling

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AL.com) — A Birmingham man fell through the ceiling of a Waffle House restaurant during an apparent theft attempt on Sunday, authorities said.

The man was wearing only a shirt and underwear when he fell from the ceiling into the dining room of the restaurant at the corner of U.S. 43 and 72 in Tuscumbia. Several patrons and workers captured the bizarre incident on cellphone videos.

“He was high as a kite,” said Tuscumbia police chief Tony Logan. The chief said he couldn’t immediately provide the suspect’s name.

The chief said investigators believe the man was attempting to enter the restaurant’s office through the ceiling but accidentally fell into the dining area.

“We think his plan was to rob the place,” Logan said. “We don’t think it was in his game plan to fall through the ceiling.”

Logan said the man took off his pants in the bathroom and used them to tie the door closed.

Once the man fell from the ceiling, patrons tried to capture him. But, the suspect ran from the restaurant to an apparent getaway car that was driven by an accomplice, the chief said.

Warning: The following video contains curse words.