Typhoon hits parts of Japan hard with wind and rain

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Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture (NTV / NBC News Channel) -- VIDEO COURTESY: NTV-NNN-JAPAN

Electricity is out over wide areas on Japan's Southern Miyako Island as powerful Typhoon Talim heads north toward the main islands.

Power is out over wide areas on Japan's Miyako Island after strong Typhoon Talim made a direct hit.

Talim brought record rains to the island in Southern Okinawa Prefecture.

Miyako was in the storm zone for almost a full day.

The Kuzukube area had a record 533 millimeters (21") of rain over 24 hours.

Trees were uprooted and cars overturned.

About 18,000 or almost 80 percent of homes were without power in Miyakojima City.

Weather officials called it a once in 50 years rain and warned of possible landslides.

After tacking east, Talin is forecast to cut across Japan's main islands over the upcoming three-day weekend.