Two shootings in Elba neighborhood in less than 12 hours

ELBA, Ala. (WTVY) - An Elba neighborhood is on edge after someone fired shots at homes and people, the shootings happened off Martin Luther King Drive.

The first one happened around 5:30 PM Tuesday evening on MLK and Thomas Streets. The homeowner tells WTVY someone fired six shots outside his home, three bullets hitting his.

A second shooting happened around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon at a home on MLK and Jackson Streets. Ten shots hit that home and surrounding buildings.

Elba Police and Crime Scene Investigators were spotted checking out the scene. With two shootings in less than 12 hours, residents of Elba are concerned to say the least.

"They know who the guy is that’s doing the shooting; they’ll lock him up and they’ll let him go. I talked to the chief of police this morning about it and they said they would get this guy before sun down and they haven’t gotten him yet,” said an Elba resident. “This other shooting happened and he runs out. His brother got shot and—it’s just crazy.”

The Elba Police Department says an official press release with details will be sent out some time Wednesday. If you have any additional information on either shooting, contact the Elba PD at (334) 897-2555.