Two brothers stand out at Girard Middle School

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Two brothers who haven't attended school for more than three years are back in the classroom
Austin and Oscar Ramirez haven't been in school for many years.
Austin since 1st grade and Oscar since the 3rd. Austin is now 12 and Oscar 13.

In 2016, the boys started 6th grade at Girard Middle School.
They skipped a few grades because of their age.

The brothers have faced academic and social hurdles.

Oscar started out in special needs classes but is now excelling in gifted courses.

Austin is still warming up, but teachers say he's also shown growth in the classroom.

Principal Darius McKay says their "Improvement has been phenomenal in a lot of areas reading math social skills interacting with others their confidence levels have also improved."

He also says it was a community effort. Both students attend tutoring twice a week.