Truck drivers adapt to virus concerns to keep America running

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -- Over the past few weeks, around the nation people have been recognizing those essential workers who are keeping the country going despite many restrictions on everyday life.

That includes truck drivers.

Keeping away from the virus is not the only challenge, there are others you might not think of, like having a hot meal outside of their cabs when they stop for a break.

“We knew that we would be distant from other people, but we were surprised when all we could do is get food to take and come back and eat in the truck. And believe me, the first few days, that was hard to deal with. Now we’ve kind of gotten used to it,” truck driver Glenn Helmly said.

Helmly has 16 years under his belt as a driver. He says any time he can get outside of his cab, 64 square feet of work and living space, is beneficial.

But Helmly and his team partner, who he splits driving time with, must be even more aware of where and how they spend that time.

“Since this whole virus scare has started, we’ve really tried to limit our stops to when we get fuel, we get extra food. We do what we need to do, we stop every day to take a shower. We make sure that we keep hand sanitizer and wipes and things in the truck. Those of course have been very hard to come by,” Helmly said.

Helmly says while driving up and down the eastern U.S., he’s seen a mix between reduced and normal, everyday traffic.

“We just all need to team together as Americans, do our part, and the biggest thing is if you don’t have to be out and about, stay home,” Helmly said.

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