Troy University Welcomes Freshman and Reaches Record Breaking Enrollment

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Troy, AL (WTVY) History is being made in Troy as students and faculty return to class.

In just one year, Troy University has experienced a sharp increase in enrollment numbers, bumping the total number of students to nearly 8,000.

"In essence we are establishing a new threshold for us and what we expect to happen... this will be... we will eclipse our record from last year,, in freshmen.. and new students from last year... it is a very exciting time of year for us in enrollment management," said Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment, Buddy Starling.

Starling says growth has been seen not only on the Main Campus site, but also on the at various sites around the State.

There are many reasons students say they chose to make Troy their home away from home, but mostly credit the decision to the relaxed feeling of the campus.

"The campus and the environment is pretty and small, I like the close knit feeling with everybody," said Shelby Bruno, a freshman at the university.

"You get that homey feeling when you're here. It's big enough that you are not always gonna run into the same people, but it's small enough that your professors care, and they want you to do well," said Alexandria Bombard, a freshman who traveled miles to to get her first taste of the college experience.

Students in the class of 2020 say they are welcomed into the university with open arms as the start of another semester begins.

"Our parents have like prepared us for this.. And finally doing it on my own... I can't wait to meet so many new people," said Bombard.

"i'm anxious about finishing.. Getting everything done, and having a great school year," said Antonio Glasco, a Senior Business major.

"I'm pumped, it's gonna be a great time, meet new people, new classes, new experiences…all good stuff," said Junior marketing major, Skyler Slagle.

With the addition of all these new students, housing is not said to be an issue, but the university is working to add additional parking to accommodate the influx of students.

To welcome all the new and returning students back to school, the campus and other organizations are hosting nearly two weeks of activities and events.