Tornado destroys parts of the Wiregrass, flips over a semi-truck

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DOTHAN, Al. A dangerous start to the morning in the Wiregrass, a low end tornado touched down in Henry County, causing a wreck that shut down a major highway. The storm left also behind damage to homes and trees.

Crews are working to clean up an overturned semi-truck, after a tornado warning in Henry County on January 4, 2019.

"It woke me up real quick I know that," said Ben Smith.

Smith has been living just off Highway 431 for more than twenty years.

"I’ve often wondered if we would encounter a tornado," said Smith.

Well Friday morning he thinks he did.

"It is really a roaring, sounded like just like a train was coming over the house, like a helicopter about to land on top of me,” said Smith.

Smith and his wife ran to the kitchen for cover.

"We saw a lot of commotion on the highway and a big eighteen wheeler in that tornado and it just wrapped it all up, made a wreck of it and some of the driver's clothing was in the tree in my yard," said Smith.

The man behind the wheel was not hurt.

“The driver was blessed that he didn't get injured. As you can see there was pretty good damage to the truck, but that's the only major thing that occurred that we know of right now, ” said Ronnie Dollar, Henry County Emergency Management Agency director.

The truck was fully loaded when the storm hit. Workers moved the items out before righting the vehicle.

"It had a swishing train behind it as it came over the house, it's just remarkable,” said Smith.

Most of the other damage around there was minor, such as downed trees and power lines.

The weather service determined it was an EF-0 tornado, that formed a mile and a half north of Abbeville.