Three qualities in one CES television

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(WTVY) - It wouldn't be Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, without a new crop of impressive televisions.

They're getting bigger, brighter and smarter with built in virtual assistants.

This year, LG put all three qualities in one television. You imagine a 65" TV, press a button and it kind of rolls down like lampshade into a tiny box, amazing stuff.

Thin as paper and rollable like a poster, the screen uses OLED technology, or organic light-emitting diodes, which produce a superior picture and can be made incredibly thin.

They say it's ".18 millimeters" thick for the panel itself, that's how you're able to get extremely thin and produce a picture.

As a concept, it's cool and expensive, despite OLED sets dropping in price in recent years.

Samsung revealed a television concept they're calling "The Wall." It's modular and can be configured however you like at its biggest, 6 feet by 10 feet.

"The thing is designed for homes,” said Senior Editor of CNET David Katzmaier. “But it also uses micro-led technology which is brand new TV technology that they use in scoreboards. Of course, The Wall will probably be insanely expensive, but they say it's coming out this year and it's really cool.”

But if you're after the sharpest picture, Samsung has an 8k television with 4 times the pixels of a more common 4k set.

The issue of course is that it's pretty much at the limit of human visual acuity. Another issue is that 8k content doesn't really exist yet, so Samsung is saying it's using proprietary AI technology to turn that 4k resolution content into 8k.

Just about all televisions at CES have a built in virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung's own Bixby.