The National Peanut Festivals greased pig and calf scramble packed the house for another year

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The phrase "bringing home the bacon" stems from the ancient sport of catching a greased pig at county fairs.

Now a synonym for "bringing home the money”, these high school students get to do both.

"I plan to catch one! I just plan to run out there and catch em," said Emma Watson of Dale County High School.

The greased pig and calf scramble packed the house for another year.

High school students from the tri-states competed in this year’s scramble.

When asked how he prepared for tonight’s competition--- Nick Foster from Ashford High School responded, "I didn’t, I just grabbed one. My coach told me to just grab it by its back legs and drag it. I grabbed the closest one and dragged it across"

And it worked! Nick is now fifty dollars richer for winning the greased pig portion.

Winner of the calf scramble Wesley Sistruck from Cottondale, Florida however; had experience.

“I’ve been living on a cattle farm for about six years, my stepdad actually showed me how to put a holster on a cow about four years ago and I just kept that in mind" said Wesley.

In honor of long time State Representative Joe Carothers who passed away last year

A five thousand dollar scholarship was given to Wesley to put towards college.