DDRA moving to a new location

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Originally located at 112 W Troy Street, the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Authority has sold the location and will now occupy the Porter Hardware Store on Main St.

"We had a special call meeting and we voted to sell the building, and we're thrilled that Hometown Lenders is going to be occupying this space at The Hub" says DDRA Finance Director, Susan Wilkins.

The "Hub" consisted of multiple office spaces to suit professionals of every work style.

Hometown Lenders, previously located in the Charles Woods building downtown, will now occupy the space.

DDRA's Executive Director says selling the building to Hometown Lenders will allow a business to relocate to downtown permanently.

Both relocation's will add more foot traffic to the downtown streets and contribute to the overall quality of downtown.

"Our goal is to re-purpose a building so I would love to say we will be in the Porter, but if there’s a purpose for us to be somewhere else then we're going to evaluate it and do what’s right for Downtown and the City.” Said Wilkins.

As of now, DDRA has already begun moving into the porter and plans to be open to the public in March.