Safety is the top priority this holiday season

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Thanksgiving reminds us of what we are thankful for and this holiday season the Dothan Fire Department is making sure one of those things is your safety.

Safety is the main priority this holiday season because....

"Thanksgiving averages four times the daily average of fires in the US, you're averaging about 455 fires on a normal day so thanksgiving is four times that," Travis Fretts, Dothan fire prevention officer said.

That's why fire agencies are keeping everyone informed this Thanksgiving with tips and recommendations for cooking safely.

And the most recent trend of cooking a turkey may be the most dangerous.... deep frying.

"You just have to be extra careful with that because you have grease, you have to potential for to to overflow with the frozen turkey and you just want to have precautions set that way you can avoid the tragedy," Fretts said.

Most the injuries on this holiday come from people trying to fight the fire.....

"Cause you're going to have more people in your house that aren't familiar with your house, your cousins. your aunts your uncles," Frett said.

So fire prevention officers want to make sure you plan ahead in case an emergency were to happen.....

"Have a talk, if they're spending the night a couple of days like look we meet at, this is the best exit out and we meet at the neighbors house, we meet at the tree, we meet at the car. So just have a plan so when you wake up in the middle of the night ad there's a fire you know what to do," Fretts said.

All fires can be prevented with awareness and by following those guidelines to minimize those risks.