Tates Supermarket is giving back to the local community

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HARTFORD, AL. (WTVY) - Despite having no power, Tates Supermarket is giving out free food to anyone in Geneva County who is in need.

The line was backed up all the way to the sidewalk.

Tates Supermarket gave out free food back when Opal hit and decided to do the same by grilling out., cooking meats and giving them to people in to-go plates.

Robert Tate, Owner of Tates Supermarket, says "Anytime when you're running a business and when the lights go out, you're going to have stuff that you know you can't keep refrigerated. So, instead of throwing it away, I'd rather just cook it and give it away. When we have a catastrophe like this, we always try to help out the community by cooking and giving away food…just trying to do our part. We love the community."