Sunday Alcohol Sales Underway

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) - As of 10 o’clock Sunday morning the city of Enterprise began selling alcohol. And one restaurant is already getting positive feedback.

Sunday alcohol sales in Enterprise.

The Craft Bar and Grill is already offering customers a new Sunday brunch menu which includes a Bloody Mary and Mimosas.

Restaurant owner, Dennis Chastang has been waiting for this day since the Sunday alcohol vote took place.

“We were excited whenever the council voted it immediately this past Tuesday. And then they got it in the paper on Thursday which allowed us to go ahead and go full throttle today,” he said.

He has already extended his restaurant's Sunday hours.

“Our hours before today were 11 to 3. Today we began our new Sunday hours which is 10:30-8” Chastang says.

Chastang is most excited about the opportunity this will bring for his employees.

“It’s also giving more employees labor hours which, in turn, will result in more money in their paycheck.”

Enterprise resident John Whitfield is glad he no longer has to travel outside of the city for his Sunday brunch.

He says "before this, the wife and I would go down to Dothan for our Sunday brunch or we would go down to the beach for Sunday brunch. Now we’re going to stay in town and spend our money in town.”

He is also hopeful this new change will provide more business opportunities for the city of Enterprise.

“Now i think you’re going to start seeing some chain restaurants coming into this town" Whitfield says.

It’s only been one day, but people are already predicting the change will leave a lasting impact on the 'city of progress'".

Chastang says “you know this goes way past just drinking on Sundays. I’ve said that from the beginning. This opens doors for economic development. This opens doors for allowing people to enjoy their rights that they should be allowed to enjoy without the government dictating what they can and can’t do, when they can and can’t do it.”

While some businesses are amending their Sunday business hours to sell alcohol, others have decided to either remain closed or not sell alcohol at all.

You can contact your favorite Sunday establishments to find out if they will be selling alcohol or not.