UPDATE: Lawn mowers stolen in Dothan recovered in Georgia

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - [UPDATE: December 8th, 2017]
Investigators in Opelika recovered more than $200,000 worth of the stolen equipment.

The loot included 12 lawn mowers, three trailers and a vehicle.

An Opelika warehouse owner found the stuff stored in his facility and called authorities.

Sun South now has all its equipment back, thieves also hit the Sun South John Deere in Bainbridge and investigators believe there could be a connection.

"That is a lot of property recovered, we're glad we could get it back to Sun South," said Lt. Lynn Watkins. "We thank Opelika and the Lee County Sheriff's Department for helping us with the investigation."


When Garret Smith arrived for work around 6AM, he realized crooks had been busy overnight.

"Between one and possibly four is about when they said they showed up and done all this,” said Smith.

Dothan Police believe it took about five or six people to pull of this heist.

They say the thieves broke into the main gate, took the truck, hooked up the trailers and loaded the mowers.
Then they backed up the truck to the fuel tanks to fill up the stolen equipment.

After doing inventory---- Sun South says, the crooks made off with $150,000 in equipment.

"Eleven commercial lawn mowers, a service truck and two trailers." said service manager Kevin Harell.

It was a smooth operation. That's why police believe these criminals have broken into businesses like this one before.
Harell says, “Ag-pro in Bainbridge recently had a robbery a week ago. We feel like it might be along the same folks doing the robbery."

And it happened on the night the company hosted its annual holiday party.

"It was kind of scary knowing somebody can just show up you know in the middle of the night" says Smith.

Of course, each piece of equipment has a serial number that is now registered as stolen at all John Deere locations across the nation.