Summer camps plan to be session but not like usual

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Summer camp is a tradition for kids, but this time around it won’t be like other sessions they’ve attended if they can even find a spot.

To follow mandates and guidelines set by the CDC The Boys and Girls Club Wiregrass is limiting the number of campers by about one hundred.

“I wish I could serve as many and help as many that need it, but I just can't do it. That breaks my heart. It really does,” says Boys and Girls Club Wiregrass executive director Phillip Gilley.

For those that make the cut, the center is doing everything to keep them safe.

“We will be sanitizing disinfecting, checking temperatures when they arrive. All of the drop off will be through cars in our bus lane so parents won’t have to come inside,” says Gilley.

Like the spots for campers, hours will also be limited.

“I usually run two shifts a morning shift and an afternoon shift but I can’t do that now because they want them to stay with the same staff,” says Gilley.

Other camps are changing drastically.

Wired Ministries is eliminating two major elements of its camp- lodging at churches and serving the community.

“It’s very unfortunate we’re not really excited about that but it is the right decision,” says Wired Ministries executive director Mark Anderson.

Adding to the list of traditions the pandemic has already robbed from them, high school seniors will miss out on their final year as camp leaders.

The camp is encouraging churches to develop their own small community service projects and seniors to move forward into college as a leader.

The hope is that one element will survive to provide some normalcy.
“Hopefully if we can get everything taken care of and the governor allows larger gatherings to meet by the time June 21st comes along, we’ll still be able to do some night service throughout the week, says Anderson.

The Boys and Girls Club’s usual eight-week session could be extended if the start of school is delayed.