Study: Cats Do Bond With Humans

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If you are a cat person, you probably already know this... but cats really do bond with their humans!

The thing is... they don't always show it.

Researchers at Oregon State University studied human attachment behavior between babies and parents, then translated that study to observe dogs, primates, and now, cats and kittens.

They found in each case a secure care bond looked similar.

In the study, cats and kittens would individually spend two minutes in a room with their owner or caregiver. Then, the person would leave the room for two minutes, followed by a two minute reunion. This is called a "secure base test."

About 65% of the cats and kittens were found to be securely bonded to their owners. The study shows that the cats' bonds with people were stable in adulthood, and not just present in kittens.

The study also hopes to discover the different aspects of cat attachment behavior to help shelter cats feel more secure.