Students see consequences behind dropping out of school

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - 75% of American inmates are high school drop-outs, while 100% of students are in control of the choices they make. The Choice Bus made a stop at Northview High School Thursday.

The front half looks like a school bus, but the other half looks like a jail cell. This project is done through the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation, it was created to help reduce the dropout rate and increase the graduation rate.

The purpose behind this project is to teach high school students that bad choices could land them behind bars.

"Dropping out is not an option,” said sophomore Juanita Nix. “You can't do what you want to do and your job range is much lower."

"You need to choose your friends wisely,” said Bobby Jackson. “Never drop out of school because you'll make less money."

The Choice Bus made stops in Enterprise earlier this week. The foundation says every 26 seconds a child drops out of school.