Knights crash! Students cheer jousting at Renn Faire

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Sadie Fields was bubbling with excitement about the Wiregrass Renaissance Faire says “I had 100 million percent fun!”.

The students had tons of fun going back in time.

Andy Andersen, a musketeer at the faire says “We wanted them to just see what old England and the old people use to do. The knights over here on the jousting were fantastic, so they really enjoyed it”.

Each knight gave a rose to a young lady in the crowd, Sadie was one of the recipients, she says that she way “the princess for the day.”

Jousting wasn’t the only thing that the students enjoyed at the renaissance fair.

Thomas Morpeth, a volunteer with the Winged Ambassadors says “Most of them of course enjoy seeing Czar, the owl here, he’s been in several episodes of the walking dead and a couple movies, so he’s a movie star and they like that.”

Morpeth works with the Winged Ambassadors, an organization out of Georgia, while Czar was the star of the show, they also have a bald eagle, falcons, and vultures at their booth.

“We’re trying to enlighten the kids on the environmental impact and the needs for the birds of prey and how important they are in the environment”.

Whether you into the jousting of the knights or the flight show of the Winged Ambassadors, there is sure to be something for everyone at the Wiregrass Renaissance Faire.