Stray dogs in Miller County need a fur-ever home

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COLQUITT, Ga. (WTVY) — They're homeless and unless they find homes, they will die.

But you may be the fix to this problem in Miller County.

Colquitt Police Chief Hollis Smith says he deals with stray dogs all the time.

He says they get at least one call a week and not having a pound, the city can't take care of them.

He says, "We don't want to put these animals down, they're too pretty, and they deserve a home just like everyone else."

There are 7 dogs in Colquitt that need homes right now,

And if you want to adopt one, there's no cost.

They just ask that you get them fixed and get their shots.

Colquitt Animal Hospital has agreed to cut the price in half for getting one of these dogs fixed and knocking 25% off the shots.

If you’d like one, just call the Colquitt Police Department at 229-758-1000.