Stair Climb Memorial for Those Lost in the 9-11 Terrorist Attack

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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WTVY) Saturday in New Orleans, fire fighters climbed 110 flights of stairs.
The stair climb honored their comrades killed; who were rescuing survivors as the twin towers crumbled.

343 firefighters lost their lives in New York, on 9-11. 15-years later, hundreds more first responders in Louisiana stepped up in their honor.

"These men here, they've made the ultimate sacrifice, said Captain Mark Hossley, of the St. George Fire Department. “Their friends and their lives will never be the same. But they love America. They love the fire department, and that's what we do."

At the annual memorial stair climb, first responders complete 110 flights in full gear. While making the trip, they wear a lanyard around their neck. The lanyard has the name and picture of a fallen hero.

“I’m just trying to do my part to serve our country and represent the people that we lost, and that have lost over the years” exclaims firefighter Rey Valldejuli.

As those steps move from the few to the many, some, like Hossley, make multiple trips. This way every life lost is remembered. They work together, keeping the promise to never forget.