Southeast Alabama's Coalitio for the Homless holds 10th Homeless Stand Down

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The Southeast Alabama Coalition for the Homeless will hold its fall Homeless Stand-Down Saturday morning.

PHOTO: Homeless person

Volunteers will gather at the Wiregrass 2-1-1 office to put together bags for the homeless, which will be distributed to organizations and ministries helping those in need.

Tent City, is a group of homeless individuals who built a community underneath a Dothan expressway.

With winter approaching and temperatures dropping, all they have at the moment is bread and a couple bottles of water.

For three years Nicole Thomas has been homeless.

After losing her mother, she then loss her children and eventually her home.

From doing this initiative each year, David Jamison notices the homeless population is rising.

"It takes a lot more volunteers to do what we do now, it takes the crew to unload the truck, and collect, and then distribute.” Said, David Jamison – President of the Southeast Alabama Coalition for the Homeless.

The volunteers will put together bags with the items donated, then distribute them to the non-profits, ministries and outreach programs that help the homeless.

The Harbor is a primary receiver of donations from Saturday’s stand down.

That's where Nicole frequents, they provide items like feminine hygiene products, a place to shower and also do laundry
During the spring stand down, Nicole was a recipient.

"I received everything I needed from the homeless stand down" said Thomas.

Camille Gayle asked, "So you're excited for tomorrow? She replied, “Yeah, happy!"