Social media giants aim to tame trolls online

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(WTVY) Social media sites can sting, especially when someone posts hurtful comments.
After years of criticism, popular platforms want to shut off mean-spirited messages.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are trying to tame trolls by targeting comments.
Instagram users with public accounts can now filter comments.
With each post you can determine the following options:
if you want everyone, people you follow and your followers, just people you follow or just your followers to comment.
You can also block specific users.
Facebook, Instagram's parent company, uses a similar strategy.
Twitter allows users to flag negative or inappropriate comments.
This could be huge for the social media world.
The PEW research center says online abuse is rampant, with about 40% of adults saying they've been harassed online.
That can take a toll on mental health.
To help, Instagram is allowing users to report a live video, anonymously, if you notice someone needing help.
The site will automatically show the person who may be in need a message, offering resources like talking with a trained mental health volunteer or connecting with a friend.
While these new features won't automatically fight off trolls, the hope is that social media sites will become friendlier in the future.